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Instant Traffic - Your Sales Event, Your Way

An instant boost to your sales.


We have mastered the selection criteria of data to ensure that your telethon generates customer appointments that can be dealt. First and foremost, what we aim to avoid is simply pulling forward deals that would have otherwise happened in the coming months.

Instead, we look at categories of data which will add additional sales. This allows your sales team to continue with their diary management proceeding and following the event, whilst adding qualified appointments to their monthly activity.

Whats more, the way we do this allows a motor industry telephone prospecting event such as Instant Traffic to occur roughly every quarter without over-saturating the database.


We have a team of trainers who kick off this two day event by training your sales team to make successful prospecting calls. Our trainers are motor industry experienced, as well as having a speciality in telesales and appointment setting. 

We start by training the sales psychology required for your team to understand what is required to achieve a successful prospect call. We look into the customers expectations of such a call and how we can exceed their expectations and outperform your competitors in this area.

We train your team to successfully make appointments to sell cars, whether that appointment is face to face in your dealership, or remotely via teleohone or video call. The skills learned can be applied to everyday activities including finance renewal calls, diary prospecting and more.


Following the training on day one, the sales team will carry out a prospecting session that evening. This will be fully supervised by the trainer with on the job coaching. On day 2, we look at performance data and review on a one-to-one basis with each member of the sales team.

This will improve performance leading into the second calling session on the evening of day 2. Once day two is complete, the sales team will have a full understanding of how to make a successful prospect call, as well as having a grasp of their performance data and areas to improve for the future. At this point you can prepare for the additional footfall and units sold!


Do you feel like you might benefit from an experienced motor sales manager to assist where required during the event? Whether that be sales control assistance, second facing and negotiating support, assisting with the support and 'on the job' coaching of new starters during a busy sales event.

Why not consider turning your Instant Traffic event into a full blown Man From The Factory sales event? We have an extremely strong track record of adding value and support to the selling activity during an event. In particular, significantly increasing NEW car sales.

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