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How do you manage your enquiries?

Managing your inbound enquiries effectively and getting the best possible result from every single one of them, whether via telephone, email, live chat or walk-in, has never been more important.

This video outlines our IBEX programme and more detail can be seen below.

If you want to double your sales from the same number of enquiries, this is for you!

The MindCoach IBEX Programme turns many more of your Telephone, Email and Live Chat enquiries into quality appointments for your business.

MindCoach empower your team with unique technical method and exceptional coaching, to bring your business better results, immediately.

Return on investment is rapid and substantial. The average ROI is more than 100:1 per annum and skills are transferable across the business. See for yourself by clicking the link below:


A deep understanding of the unique, technical method devised over years and proven to get the best possible results.

The MindCoach Method - our unique method is used daily by hundreds of Sales Professionals, many thousands of times! (over 22,000 enquiries over the last 3 years with a long-term average conversion of over 70% and counting).

Here we look in detail at buyer motivation, raising motivation through questioning and active listening, objection handling, closing and next steps to insure the quality of the appointment.

All this is delivered through a carefully stepped and controlled approach, whilst giving the sales person freedom to be themselves and inject their personality and experience without hindrance.

We coach our method, apply Personal Impact learning and practice via role plays until cemented as a new habit.


Coaching the Personal Impact and Behaviours necessary for success in the Technical Process and to be at your best self, more often.

Personal Impact Coaching - our behaviours and impact on others, broken down into 3 distinct subjects:

State of Mind - Am I at my best, or not at my best?

Physical - Body language, voice and appearance.

Vocabulary - The effectiveness of the words we choose to use.

It’s all very well having a great technical method for handling enquiries, but we must also apply the right behaviours to go hand in hand with any technique we employ. The Personal Impact module delivers this ability to your whole team.


Coaching skills (ILM based methods) for those responsible for team development, ensuring you benefit from our masterclass, for life.

Ongoing sustainability and improvement - working with your management, or those responsible for the ongoing development of your Sales Team, we give them the Coaching Method (based on ILM frameworks) to ensure continued success and the ability to analyse and manage performance in the future.

All techniques are highly transferable to other areas of the business and leave a lasting legacy of continuous improvement across your business, benefiting you and your team for years to come.

The IBEX programme offers you an extraordinary return on investment. Below is an example of the uplift you can expect from our IBEX programme, based on an industry average current performance. If you'd like to see specifically how it will impact your own dealership, please dowload our calculator by clicking here and input your own data, or contact us now to find out more.


Ongoing Support - Our Commitment To Your Success

Once we have delivered IBEX at your dealerships, we don't stop there. We continually support you and your business for 20 weeks with our Live Reporting tool as seen below, where we can track your progress, interact with you remotely and help you immediately if we see areas of development opportunity, or just to get you back on track.

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