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SmartText by MindCoach

Imagine if you could send thousands of texts to your customers and then measure how they landed, how many viewed your invitation or offer and then get an immediate prompt for those who take an interest? Well now you can, with SmartText.

If you need to contact customers and invite them to a sales event and encourage them to say "Yes" I'm interested in your offer or attending, email marketing could work. But you may only have 50% of your customers email addresses, plus we know that 65% to 70% of your emails won’t even be opened.

This meant that only about 20% of your customers will see the invitation or offer. You do though have 95% of your customers mobile numbers and we know that we can land a text message to about 95% of these.

The solution is Smart Text. Similar to a html email, we can send a text message with a unique link to each customer. Once the customer receives their text we know who these were and how many. We now want them to click on their own personalised unique link/URL. Once clicked this link displays an animated personalised message explaining your event and offers and encourages customers to say “Yes” I’m interested.

Once a customer clicks or registers their interest an immediate email is triggered to the you to say the customer is interested. This response may also be sent directly into you lead management or CRM system. You then simply call the customer, secure the lead and make a sales appointment. The Power of Smart Text.


Send personalised, animated & trackable Smart Texts to your customer database

  • Built to your specifications
  • Low cost, with instant results
  • Targeted & measured
  • Instant live results and customer responses
  • Integrate with your CRM system
  • Now available from Mindcoach
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