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Driving Performance Standards In Automotive Retail

MindCoach is the UK’s number one automotive sales coaching specialist. We focus on outbound prospecting events, inbound enquiries and aftersales care. With a proven 15-year track record, MindCoach will maximise the efficiency of your team, dramatically increase sales revenue and drive performance standards forward.


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The Man From the Factory & Instant Traffic sales events aim to drive qualified appointments to your dealership, as well as assist your sales team in converting as many of those appointments as possible into deals.

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Our Enquiry Management Programme, IBEX, turns many more of your Telephone, Email and Live Chat enquiries into quality appointments for your business. Our clients enjoy an enquiry to appointment ration in excess of 70%, more than double the industry average.

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MindCoach has been training and coaching Aftersales teams since 2005. AFTEX is our unique programme that brings sales skills to 'non' sales people and focuses on the opportunity missed in Red and Amber work found in the VHC.

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As DISC Accredited Practitioners, MindCoach can offer deep insights into your team and your recruitment process. We work with you to create your perfect candidate profile or make best use of your teams capabilities.

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MindCoach can work with you on a bespoke basis, offering a full departmental or business-wide diagnostic and training needs analysis to give you a completely tailored solution to your unique business needs.

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What do our clients think?

"I have no hesitation in recommending MindCoach for any Sales/VIP customer events. These Man From The Factory events are an important resource to ensure we achieve our ever expanding manufacturer sales targets MindCoach create an excellent environment that encourages the whole team to contribute & most importantly enjoy the experience. We could not do without them nor would we ever consider using a company other than MindCoach for such events."

Steve Cox - Citroën Group Dealer Principal BCC Cars

“Our recent Man From The Factory event was a tremendous success, and really gave us a quick injection to the first quarter of the year. Historically, it’s difficult to get sales teams to fully engage with prospecting events, especially when a third party is involved, but I felt that your MindCoach consultants' approach really got the team together. He got to their level, got them onboard, the result of which was a group of individuals getting behind an event because they wanted to...not because they had to! Not surprisingly, we achieved the highest ever appointment kept percentage, and consequently, our highest conversion to sale.”

Duncan Cunningham - Operations Director Belmont Group

“The real USP for the MindCoach Team, and specifically the Man From The Factory event, was that unlike many other providers of a similar service, the emphasis was not solely on generating a board full of appointments. The MindCoach Team were as invested as the Sales Managers, and Sales Executives in firming up the appointments, ensuring we were prepared and had done our homework prior to the customers arrival, and crucially meeting and greeting each appointment. This really adds weight to the Man From The Factory event, and when needed, the re-introduction to close the deal was natural and seamless. Needless to say the energy and tenacity the MindCoach Team demonstrated throughout the event was second to none, as was the live reporting system that allowed us to track progress (across 5 branches) at the touch of a button. Without doubt, the most finely tuned event was provided and would thoroughly recommend. Full of theatre, organisation and passion.”

Harry Pearson - Hendy Ford Franchise Manager Hampshire

"Our work with Donald Wire and his team at MindCoach aimed to increase our showroom traffic throughout three of our Northwest dealerships. We were thrilled with Donald’s initial concept - the Man From The Factory event and we had no doubt the results would have a strong return in terms of both units sold and profits made. The overall results have been above & beyond our expectations. What we appreciated most about working with Donald and MindCoach was their ability to put actions defined during the training sessions into practice on the showroom floor, adapting and enabling our sales team to deliver in any given closing situation. Their continuous professionalism & motivation led our sales team to develop their own sales technique and generate fantastic results across all 3 dealerships in September 2014 and now once again in March 2015. Whilst The Mind Coach team excelled at delivering a strong return on investment they were also keen to adhere to our customer satisfaction policies ensuring all of our customers received the people first pledge that Perrys Motor Sales Ltd adheres too; this is also aided with their combined motor trade experience of more than 60 years. Without any doubt, we trust Mind Coach to deliver, and they will time after time. Donald & his team are people of exceptional integrity and bring clear insight to delivering a first class consultancy service. These live customer events are a must for gaining incremental sales in today’s highly competitive marketplace, besides which, observing the MindCoach consultant operate with customers was akin to attending a master class in closing!"

General Manager - Perrys Peugeot Northwest with Nissan.