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Outbound - Man From The Factory & Instant Traffic


Instant Traffic &

Man From The Factory

MindCoach offers a suite of services aiming to improve Lead Generation, Telephone Prospecting & Sales Events services. Each area seeks to add quality and efficiency to your business.

Our Instant Traffic and Man From The Factory event packages give you and your team an instant sales boost over a short time period and the knowledge and skills required to consistently generate leads through prospecting on an ongoing basis.


The Instant Traffic motor trade telephone prospecting event aims to drive qualified appointments to your dealership.

Crucially, we utilise data sustainably and in a way which offers you an opportunity to appoint customers in a position to buying.

Covering training, coaching and call out sessions across two consecutive days, Instant Traffic brings customers to your door for an instant sales boost.


The Man From the Factory sales events aim to drive qualified appointments to your dealership, as well as assist your sales team in converting as many of those appointments as possible into deals.

We feel that in staying and representing you over the weekend ‘deal phase’ ensures credibility for your sales event. As a result we find that our dealers tend to do somewhere between 2 to 3 times the number of deals they would normally do over that same period.


In addition to our guided events, MindCoach offers standalone Prospecting and Renewals training, enabling you and your team to be expert in all your outgoing call activity.

Focusing on exceptional telephone sales technique, personal impact and behaviours in combination with coach the coach training for your leadership, MindCoach gives you all the tools you need to make the most of your outbound calling.

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