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Make an impact with aerial footage of your dealership!

Want something different to engage your audience?

MindCoach now brings you the powerful medium of high quality film to help you grab the attention of your audience in a unique and impactful way.

Whether for a special event, product launch or for long term use to show off your dealership MindCoach offers you 4K Drone films for advertising, marketing and other media.

Call or email now to discuss your requirement on 01671 332671 or email - we are here to help.


Each site filmed will receive a short 30-45 second film, showing off the site both externally and internally in the showroom using drone footage, filmed in 4K and edited into a final advert for use as you please with backing music.

We will supply both titled and non-titled versions for each site, meaning the film may be used as a standalone advertisement in it’s own right on websites, social media and so on, but also as a backdrop for other marketing as required (for example as a header to a website where titles may be unnecessary). 


Turnaround is fast and you would usually receive the final edited video in 5 working days from the shoot (potentially quicker, but we like to leave a margin for safety). 

Be assured that we are fully insured and licensed to fly commercially. You are in safe hands with MindCoach!


We can also offer other types of film services on a bespoke basis, including but not limited to product launches, sales events, interviews with management and teams and much more.

These are all filmed and delivered in 4K with broadcast quality audio where appropriate.

Please just ask if you have a project in mind, we’d love to discuss your ideas with you and create a brilliant product with you!

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