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AFTEX - Aftersales Excellence Programme

Making the most of your sales opportunities.

Franchised dealers missed out on £429 million, or 53% of urgently required aftersales work in 2017, according to autoVHC. That translates to the average dealership missing £87,600 on Red work alone, let alone Amber opportunity.

MindCoach has been specifically training and coaching sales and after sales teams since 2005 and we are expert in enabling ‘non’ sales people gain the necessary confidence, skills and techniques to successfully impact their day to day performance at work.


While there is no shortage of technical ability in aftersales to identify issues with a customers’ vehicle, the same cannot always be said when it comes to communicating that to a customer and winning their consent for the work there and then.

We deliver high quality, proven sales and communication techniques to your team, making it easy for them to get much closer to your businesses potential sales.


MindCoach has identified that to excel in the role
at service reception requires certain behaviours,
the ability to be firm when necessary, readiness to communicate easily with varied types of customer both face to face and on the phone.

Additionally, the ability to handle many things happening simultaneously, and willingness to follow the process and the rules while

at the same time to be able to judge if and when to be flexible. It is a selling role today more than it ever has been.


Coaching skills (ILM based methods) for those responsible for team development, ensuring you benefit from our programme for the long term.

Ongoing sustainability and improvement - working with your management, or those responsible for the ongoing development of your Aftersales Team, we give them the Coaching Method (based on ILM frameworks) to ensure continued success and the ability to analyse and manage performance in the future.

AFTEX - The Aftersales Excellence Programme helps dealerships and the individuals within to dramatically improve Red & Amber sales from the VHC and customer satisfaction, by focusing on:

The customer journey - from check in to collection

Use of Video in the workshop for VHC and found work

Sales Coaching Technique - particularly for the ‘on ramp’ call

Personal Impact & Behavioural Coaching

Coach the Coach for Leadership

AFTEX has been proven to change outcomes dramatically by working on a combination of focal points in the customer journey from Check-In, Signposting, Quality of Technicians Video, Quantity and Timeliness of Video Send, Opening Rate, The ‘On Ramp’ call, Assumptive Closing, whilst all being backed by an improved self awareness of our Personal Impact on others.

However, although the focus in coaching and training sales technique, personal impact and leadership coaching ability - the methods, framework and principles adopted are absolutely transferable to all communication, internally and externally.

Ongoing Support - Our Commitment To Your Success

Once we have delivered AFTEX at your dealerships, we don't stop there. We continually support you and your business for 20 weeks with our Live Reporting tool as seen below, where we can track your progress, interact with you remotely and help you immediately if we see areas of development opportunity, or just to get you back on track.

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